Business lines

In 2011 duomo anticipated the instability of the main industries and, in an attempt to give a response to that situation, it was decided to diversify the kind of works we had been doing so far. It was a huge challenge and today we are proud to be present in 5 different industry sectors with customers in over 15 countries.


Duomo industrializes structures for the main OEMs and 1st tiers in the Aeronautical industry. Our in-house Engineering office and manufacturing expertise allow us to optimize challenging projects from design to delivery. Well-known clients worldwide are part of our today´s portfolio.


Duomo designs and manufactures parts for the whole Renewable Energy industry. Either Fix or Tracker structures for Photovoltaic solar panels, as well as parts for the Head, Hub or Tower for Wind. In the case of wind towers, we´re qualified for either Onshore and Offshore structures.In addition, duomo is certified for advanced features required for Offshore, such as in-house paint high quality coatings.


Duomo manufactures and assembly structures for the Automotive industry. We produce components such as those used for the manufacturing of customer-specific automated guided vehicle systems.


Since 2017, and thanks to our certification EN15085, duomo is capable of manufacturing Level CL1 parts and structures for the Rail industry.


Duomo´s long experience in the metallurgical industry has allowed us to achieve complex projects of every kind. From steel structures for buildings to Oil and Gas tanks or valves.