About us

Though DUOMO was established in 2008 as a brand new company, it was actually founded over 100 years ago. Ever since, one family has been the heart of the business for generations, taking the company to the present by combining hard work, closeness to the customer and cutting-edge technology.This let us become a leading company in todays global enviroment


Duomo is specialized in the design,manufacturing and assembly of metal structures and components. Steel, stainless steel, aluminium or copper are some of the materials we handle. However, we┬┤re qualified and certified for additional scopes, like fasteners, or electrical components, enabling us to ofter full assembly kits to our customers worldwide.


  • Duomo is a customer-focused company
  • Quality comes first, always
  • There are no small projects. All projects are a new challenge to us, matter the size
  • A young but experienced team combined with a cutting-edge technology.Result: smart solutions